Becca and I met at a speech meet as teenagers and fell in love in a matter of hours. We got married in college. She’s a published academic, an award-winning teacher, my best friend, my soul mate, and a 5th generation South Texas cattle and goat rancher.

My brother and I were raised by hard-rocking hippies who now live on a lake, taken to so many concerts growing up that we got in trouble at school. They took me to first see ZZ Top in 1988, and I last took them to see ZZ in 2015. They’re all real estate nerds – my folks build houses and develop land, and my brother was a construction manager who built houses at Habitat for Humanity.

Our dogs are named after musicians who performed at Woodstock. Our cats are named after Egyptian sun gods to tease the Jack Russell Terrier (Moon), who as an advanced species understands and hates it. Our axolotl was a test subject used in university research into tissue regeneration (axolotls regrow their limbs). We adopted him after his service and keep him fat and happy.